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  • Dr. Ortho Pillows


    1. Specially designed with a unique shape to provide optimum sleep posture for your neck and spine.
    2. The head groove ensures that your head rests well, while the elevated support comforts your neck.
    3. The ergonomic design ensures that head, neck and the spinal cord are in perfect alignment, offering optimum support.
    Available sizes: 41 cms x 61 cms.

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  • Ergo Pillows


    1. Specially engineered to provide unmatched comfort and an enhanced sleeping experience.
    2. Made from two of the most revolutionary materials – microfiber and memory foam; each having benefits that help you sleep the right way.
    3. Microfibers gently support the head and keep it well rested
    4. Memory foam allows tension-free and well-relaxed sleep as it does not offer any resistance/tension to the neck’s pressure points
    5. A premium knitted jacquard fabric pillow cover enhances the overall look of the pillow.
    6. Available size (in inches): 16×24

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  • T-Life Pillows


    A first-of-its-kind innovatively-shaped T cushion that provides critical support and comfort to the spine and the lumbar region while sitting.
    1. Helps maintain the correct posture while sitting by keeping the spine in a straight line
    2. Fills the gap created in the space between the lumbar region (lower back) and the chair – for total support
    3. Prevents fatigue due to poor posture and keeps you active all day long
    4. Buckled straps on the cushion help anchor it to the chair securely and prevent slippage
    5. Antimicrobial cluster fibre makes it hygienic

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  • Medipillow


    1. Innovative pillow with Unique Channeled design
    2. Helps to relax the spine
    3. Ensures optimum head support
    4. Designed for correct neck elevation
    5. Head-Neck-Spine allignment to give complete rest
    6. Available size (in inches): 17×27

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