Allure Pillows


1. Filled with super-fine microfibers which make the pillow soft and cuddly
2. Maintains a superior comfort and luxury that calms your body and rests your mind
3. Has a superior outer cotton shell with premium piping all around the pillow
4. Available size: 17×27

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A night well slept, results in a day well begun. A day that begins well leads to happiness, health and greater productivity. Pillows from the Home Comforts Range of Recron®Certified give you an unmatched sleep experience every night.
Our Recron® Certified range of pillows includes
• India’s only antimicrobial fibre filling for a dust and mite free experience
• Customized thickness for the perfect support for your head and neck
• High quality casing fabric to further enhance your sleep
• Hygienic



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