Paradise Mattresses


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Enjoy your sleep in Paradise.
1. EHS system for total body support
2. Single side foam layered mattress – one side use only
3. Satin fabric cover – feels soft and comfortable
4. Available in thickness 4″, Essential

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For the first time in India, Recron® Certified introduces mattresses incorporating the indigenously developed EHS (Engineered Healthy-Sleep) System to offer deeply restful and healthy sleep to you. Recron Certified Mattresses with EHS System make every bedroom a ‘100% Sleep 100% Rest’ zone and ensure that you get the most rejuvenating and refreshing sleep.

1. Posture zones to relax pressure points in the body
2. Inherently microbe/dust resistant; odour – free
3. Breathable mattress surface that allows for uninterrupted sleep

Proven Features of the fibre block used as a core for Recron Certified mattresses:
• Very low flammability (compared to other substitutes like PU foam, coir, etc.)
• Very low toxicity
• No heat retention
• Does not retain moisture
• Washable
• Recyclable & Eco friendly


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72*36 Single, 78*60 Queen, 78*72 King


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