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Sleep in the lap of Luxury.
1. Calibrated EHS system for individualized body part rest
2. Special euro topper with an extremely plush look and extra comfort
3. Knitted jacquard fabric covering for breathability all night long
4. Available in thickness 6″, 9″
5. Guarantee Period 6 years

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For the first time in India, Recron® Certified introduces mattresses incorporating the indigenously developed EHS (Engineered Healthy-Sleep) System to offer deeply restful and healthy sleep to you. Recron Certified Mattresses with EHS System make every bedroom a ‘100% Sleep 100% Rest’ zone and ensure that you get the most rejuvenating and refreshing sleep.

1. Posture zones to relax pressure points in the body
2. Inherently microbe/dust resistant; odour – free
3. Breathable mattress surface that allows for uninterrupted sleep

Proven Features of the fibre block used as a core for Recron Certified mattresses:
• Very low flammability (compared to other substitutes like PU foam, coir, etc.)
• Very low toxicity
• No heat retention
• Does not retain moisture
• Washable
• Recyclable & Eco friendly



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