T-Life Pillows


A first-of-its-kind innovatively-shaped T cushion that provides critical support and comfort to the spine and the lumbar region while sitting.
1. Helps maintain the correct posture while sitting by keeping the spine in a straight line
2. Fills the gap created in the space between the lumbar region (lower back) and the chair – for total support
3. Prevents fatigue due to poor posture and keeps you active all day long
4. Buckled straps on the cushion help anchor it to the chair securely and prevent slippage
5. Antimicrobial cluster fibre makes it hygienic

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A night well slept, results in a day well begun. A day that begins well leads to happiness, health and greater productivity. Pillows from the Home Comforts Range of Recron®Certified give you an unmatched sleep experience every night.
Our Recron® Certified range of pillows includes
• India’s only antimicrobial fibre filling for a dust and mite free experience
• Customized thickness for the perfect support for your head and neck
• High quality casing fabric to further enhance your sleep
• Hygienic


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